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Ebook conversion


An editor's job is to take a piece of writing to its highest possible standard. To do this, Laval Editing will:

  • check for and correct errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • check for and correct errors or inconsistencies in format and presentation

  • rework sentences to make them as clear and as fluent as possible

  • assess and, if necessary, rearrange the structure of a text so that it flows logically, chronologically and effectively

  • eliminate repetition, clichés and unnecessary text

  • check facts and details for accuracy and legality

  • ensure consistency (e.g. of use of names, places and timeframe)

  • remove or highlight potentially offensive or inappropriate material

  • improve or highlight words/sentences/passages that may be unclear to the reader

  • ensure the text's suitability for its intended readership

  • work closely with clients to ensure that their original voice and aims are preserved in the final product.

The last point is particularly important; a collaborative approach will always yield the best results. Laval Editing will work to understand your needs and will communicate clearly throughout the editing process. 



A proofreader is a fresh and final pair of eyes that will ensure a text is polished prior to submission or publication. They are the last line of defence, dealing with errors and discrepancies before the text goes public. Laval Editing will:

  • check for and correct mistakes and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, punctuation and format

  • make sure there aren't any glaring factual errors

  • liaise with you in order to resolve queries and ensure content is as clear as possible

  • make sure any style guide you have supplied is followed consistently throughout the text

  • check table of contents, graphics, references and index for errors and inconsistencies

  • provide a final copy that is clean, correct and ready for submission or publication.

Laval Editing's proofreading tools consist of a relentless eye for detail, good general knowledge, a wide vocabulary and excellent communication skills.



If you've decided to self-publish your book and you want to make sure everything looks and behaves exactly as it should on the page, Laval Editing can help. For example, in order to pass muster with the KDP print-on-demand service, a book must be formatted to a particular specification. Laval Editing is experienced in typesetting for this particular service and can not only format your book's interior accordingly but also advise on cover creation. You may require a table of contents, headings, page numbers, index, a certain margin size etc; if you don't feel confident about creating or applying these things, we can help.

Typesetting is also provided for digital publications (see 'Ebook conversion', below).

If you know exactly how you'd like your text to look as a finished product but don't know how to get there, all you need to do is send us your specifications and we'll do the rest for you; if you'd prefer someone to take the initiative and design as well as implement the formatting that will turn your work into a professional-standard text, we can do that too.

Typesetting can be provided in combination with our copy-editing and/or proofreading service, or it can be provided as a standalone service.


Ebook conversion

Ebook self-publishing gives writers an instant global platform without having to fight for a book deal or spend thousands on marketing, promotion and distribution. It's a quick and affordable way of getting your writing out there and – if it's good enough and if it's published in the right way – of selling it.

There are various online marketplaces that authors can upload their books to, such as Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and Lulu. There's generally no upfront cost; they do the business of selling for you and take a cut of any profits. Some also offer marketing and publicity tools (because what use is a great book when nobody knows about it?) and nearly all of them feature an automated ebook conversion service.

Ebook text files are very different to normal text files. Because there's so much variation in the way different e-reading devices display books, it's crucial that the content is 'reflowable'. In other words the text needs to be able to flow correctly and smoothly, regardless of page and font size.

There are two main file types that are compatible with e-readers: MOBI (used by Amazon's Kindle) and ePub (used by Apple and Sony devices, Kobo, Nook and more). Before a text can be converted to either of these file types it needs to be formatted in a particular way. If any element of the formatting is overlooked, the converted ebook is likely to contain errors. There is no automated process that can pick up all possible errors; in order to produce an ebook that looks good and flows properly there has to be some skilled human input.

After formatting comes conversion, where the text file is turned into a MOBI or an ePub file so that it can be read on an e-reading device. Again, there are plenty of automated services online for this, but none will check the results for you, less still offer you any editorial advice.

Laval Editing offers formatting and conversion as a standalone service, or as part of a package including editorial services. We can edit and/or proofread your book – working closely with you to understand and achieve the book's aims and to make it the best it can be – and then we can do the technical stuff, providing you with an ebook that's ready to sell.

If you're a stranger to publishing and the internet, and you're unsure of what to do with your ebook after it's been created, we can offer free advice on the 'next steps' (buying an ISBN, uploading your book to an online marketplace, etc) to help you along the road.